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Soulbound (The Return of the Elves Book 1)
Bethany Adams
Feeling Froggy: F'd Up Fairy Tale (F'd Up Fairytales Book 0) - Annalise Nixon

This story was fun to read. Like ever beauty and the beast story, it showed how the inside is more important than the outside. It also has a strong female lead in this story and that is also another great point about this story. Thanks Annalise. Bye Y'all.

""For the first time in my life, I can breathe. Yes, I know I have a promise to fulfill, blah,blah,blah. I wanted a few hours to just...be." - Annalise Nixon"

Sunday's Child

Sunday's Child - Grace Draven I really enjoyed the story.

Beauty and the Goblin King (Fairy Tale Heat Book 1)

Beauty and the Goblin King (Fairy Tale Heat Book 1) - Lidiya Foxglove Great read

I really enjoyed this book. The Prince was handsome in the most important place. If you are wondering what I mean then you should read the book and find out.

Joyzal's Prize

Joyzal's Prize - Michele  Mills Royal pigment

I loved this story. It showed that even though we look different and speak different languages we all love life and freedom. And life is about change and change is a good thing.

Dragon Bond

Dragon Bond - Ruby Lionsdrake Talon

It was okay but it ended to quickly. The author could have expand more on the battle with the dragons.

Missing You

Missing You - Sarah G. Really good story

I would recommended this book some time realistic problems these idol and their girlfriend's have. This made me wonder if things like this happens in real life with idols and those who love them.


Unexpected - Sarah G. A good read

I liked the storyline. It was refreshing to learn a little about the K-pop industry. It was good to see Kai stand up for Noel when his uncle was talking bad about her.

Brooklyn's Song

Brooklyn's Song - Sydney Arrison, Sydney Arrison Funny and witty

I loved this story about Brooklyn and Song. They both had to over come heart break. The story is funny too. It is good to find something to laugh about when you are having a bad day. Brooklyn and Song found humor on those days. It was good to see a storyline were the was not some wealthy son, he was just a hard working man taking care of his grandmother. Great story

Secret Asian Billionaire Baby

Secret Asian Billionaire Baby - Alicia Black, Keisha Walker It was okay

Some of the stories were okay, other were very good. They were short novella's So if you have a long weekend give it a try.

Between the World and Me

Between the World and Me - Ta-Nehisi Coates The Truth

This book told the truth about black lives in this country. Not all black people grew up in ghettos, some of us grew up in the suburbs with the white picket fence. But this book shows we all experience the something and that is racism. Is book also shed light on what African Americans deal with daily for White reader. I read this book with my multiracial book club. We enjoyed it and had frank dialogue from it.

Gravity (Free Falling, #1)

Gravity (Free Falling, #1) - Raven St. Pierre Young love

Young love is it real love? Can you love two people at the same time but for different reasons? I love all of these questions, because are the questions I had ask myself when I was young. What I didn't like about this book is it gives more than you need to know.

Her Asian Billionaire's Proposal

Her Asian Billionaire's Proposal - Mary Peart Fun

It was a sweet love story. They both you d out that true is worth waiting for. She found out that love won't tie you down.

The Space Between

The Space Between  - Victoria H. Smith Kept me thinking

It started off slow and I had to make myself continue to read. The farther along I got in the story the better it became.

Taming Mr. Know-It-All (The Kingdom Series Book 3)

Taming Mr. Know-It-All (The Kingdom Series Book 3) - Nia Arthurs Funny

I loved the debate they had over Pride and prejudice. When she vomited on her ex that cracked me up.

From The Stars

From The Stars - Nia Arthurs Very funny

Those two sister when they are together are hilarious. This book will make you laugh. Her mother and father are just as funny as the two sisters.